Bee-Line bus schedulesBee-Line bus schedules are created for every Bee-Line bus route.  A schedule includes a detailed route map and route timetable. Printed schedules are available at no cost by calling the Bee-Line Hotline at (914) 813-7777 or by downloading them online.


The schedule
On the cover of each schedule, you will find:

  • the route number
  • the type of service the bus route provides (commuter, local, express)
  • the neighborhoods it serves
  • the effective date of the schedule.

Individual schedules are designed to show the times when a bus is at major intersection or arrives at popular destinations along that route.  These are called time points. The schedule shows the time a bus leaves specific points, as well as the arrival time for the bus at the end of the route. 

The route map shows the streets the bus travels on, intersections where transfers can be made and the route numbers of any connecting buses.

Here’s how to use the schedule:

  • Use the system map to locate where you are and the route that travels where you want to go.
  • Choose either the Monday — Friday, Saturday, or Sunday portion of the timetable. (Please note the holiday schedule to determine which schedule to use when traveling on a holiday)
  • Select the direction in which you need to travel and check the map for the segment of the route on which you will be riding.
  • Locate the time point nearest to where you are starting and read down to the schedule time closest to your desired leaving time.
  • Light type and shade indicate a.m. times and dark type and shade indicate p.m. times. On the BxM4C schedule, a dark shaded background indicates peak a.m. and p.m. times.
  • If your starting point is not a time point, use the time point prior to your starting point. You can also read across the line to the time point closest to your destination. This shows your arrival time.
  • If you want to arrive at a specific time at a destination served by the route, simply locate the column showing that time point or location, read down to the desired arrival time, read back to the left until you reach the column of your starting point.

Note: Bus schedules may change throughout the year - usually in January, June and September.  Updated timetables are placed in the "Take One" box on board the bus or can be downloaded online.

Bus schedules and other Bee-Line information are also available at

  • the Bee-Line’s main office at 100 E. 1st Street in Mt. Vernon, or
  • in the lobby of the Westchester County Office Building at 148 Martine Ave. in White Plains