Riding the busRiding the bus seems simple, but for someone who has never navigated a bus system before, the first time may require a little assistance.

Aside from the bus, the other elements that make up "riding the bus" are the bus stop and the bus schedule that include a timetable and route map. At the bus stop, information about the route, including the route map, a daily timetable and any holiday or special timetables are posted. 

Take the time to read about riding the bus before heading out on your Bee-Line bus experience. Remember to check back for updates to route schedules and possible rider alerts. 

Westchester county wants to be sure bus riders can easily navigate the Bee-Line system and they are safe in doing so. Through the application of federal stimulus money and other federal and state aid, bus stop improvements are on the way throughout the county. Improvements will include painting, signage, lighting, paving, connections to sidewalks, seating, accessibility and bike racks.

Bee-Line Bus Service Guidelines for Westchester County Municipalities have been written to serve as a basic reference tool for municipal staff, governmental agencies and consultants engaged in site design and review activities.