Bee-Line trips can be planned using either Google Maps or 511NY.

Google Maps
Trip options may include various route options accessible from different nearby bus stops. Be sure to select “Details” to obtain step-by-step directions, including walking directions to/from bus stops for the specific trip being planned, the precise destination sign on the front of the corresponding bus to board, and the stop ID listed on the Rideguide at the bus stop.

Use caution accessing bus stops – Google does not guarantee that results will be free of errors or provide pedestrian amenities such as sidewalks and crosswalks. 

The County of Westchester is not responsible or liable for the accuracy of any information provided by Google Maps and does not validate any trip planning information provided. Refer to the Google Maps/Google Earth Terms and Conditions for the terms under which Google Maps is providing you with map data, traffic, directions, and other content.

511NY offers a comprehensive trip-planning tool to simplify the process of planning your trip in and around Westchester County.

The 511NY trip planning tool does not support Internet Explorer. Use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browsers to generate trips.

Simply enter your starting address and destination address, and transit options will be provided (including rail/bus options). For planned trips at specific times or to develop itineraries that allow users to choose trips using only Bee-Line and connecting bus services, enter your start and end addresses and click on "Show Settings", which allows users to input parameters such as trip times, the preferred mode of transit, the preference of the quickest trip or fewest transfers, and whether the trip requires wheelchair accessibility.

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