Westchester County

Planning Division

Planning Division

The Planning Division of the Department of Public Works and Transportation plans activities associated with Bee-Line bus operations, carries out federal requirements for transportation planning and participates in regional planning activities. The Planning Division acts as a liaison with county departments and state and federal agencies on the coordination of transportation programs and services, grant preparation and compliance. 

Westchester County is a member of the New York Metropolitan Transportation Council, the federally designated agency for transportation planning in the region.

New York Metropolitan Transportation Council

Regional Establishment Survey
The New York Metropolitan Transportation Council is undertaking a Regional Establishment Survey of businesses to understand travel patterns of customers and visitors traveling to and from a 28-county geographic area in and around the New York metropolitan region. Learn More

Planning Events
News is available about transportation initiatives in the region, including announcements about meetings of the Mid-Hudson South Mobility Advisory Forum (MAF), a forum for public outreach and information sharing on transportation issues in the region. Learn More

Projects, Programs and Studies
Information and updates are available on current and completed transportation projects, programs and studies in Westchester County.
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Planning Partners
Partner Agencies
The Planning Division works with other transportation agencies and providers on relevant issues, including the New York Metropolitan Transportation Council (NYMTC), New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) and Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA). Learn more