Thriving communities need effective transit service to provide new mobility options, reduce dependence upon automobiles, improve air quality and improve overall quality of life. But implementing new service can be difficult. Heavy and light rail options are popular, but they are expensive. Traditional bus service is flexible and inexpensive, but is often hampered by roadway congestion.

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is a high quality, high capacity rapid transit system that offers many of the advantages of rail transit but at a lower and more affordable cost.

BRT vehicles may use exclusive lanes for all or part of their route, thus avoiding traffic. Other customer friendly features may include: attractive, comfortable stations that are focus points for neighborhoods, prepaying fares at stations (instead of on the bus) to speed boarding, and boarding through multiple doors, like on a train, to speed trips. Combined, these measures help keep BRT moving and save customers time. BRT service is fast, frequent, attractive to use and highly visible.

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