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You may have noticed that your bus stop is being eliminated or moved. These stop changes have been part of a comprehensive bus stop balancing effort. Bus stop balancing is a best practice in bus transit operations which looks at ridership and stop activity as well as bus stop spacing, and then considers moving/consolidating and reducing stops as needed in order to improve operational efficiencies, reduce delays, improve speeds and move buses faster. Stops being removed had low ridership or were in close proximity to adjacent stops.

When stops are too close together it slows down the ride for everyone. Transit agencies across the country are learning that rebalancing stops reduces bus travel times. These new changes are necessary in order to provide the most efficient system for our passengers.

We take customer satisfaction seriously and will work to preserve high ridership stops, stops with important connections to other transit lines, stops near schools, medical facilities and senior centers.

Download the full list of stops that are a part of our current rebalancing efforts.