Seniors and individuals with a disability can stay independent while leaving the driving to us.

If stepping onto the bus is difficult for you, the bus can "kneel" to lower the first step height. Feel free to ask the operator to kneel the bus to assist you in boarding or exiting. The first few front seats of the bus are designated for elderly and disabled riders and there is also designated space for wheelchairs. Check out our brochure "A Seniors' Guide to Riding the Bee Line" in English and Spanish.

Persons who use a wheelchair, scooter, walker or cannot use stairs to board a bus can still ride the Bee-Line.  Wheelchair lifts or ramps are standard equipment on all Bee-Line busses.

Senior Reduced Fares
Senior/Disabled Reduced Fares are available to riders who are at least 65 years of age with a government issued ID that has a photo and stipulates date of birth, certified disabled persons and valid Medicare card holders with photo identification.  MetroCard Reduced Fares are only available to holders of personalized Reduced Fare MetroCards.

For more information about a Reduced Fare MetroCard, call (718) 330-1234 or log on to the MTA website.

Disabled Reduced Fares
Reduced fares are available on fixed route buses to certified disabled persons with proper identification. A printable application for a reduced fare I.D. Card is provided by the Office for the Disabled.