You can use either coins or MetroCard – but not dollar bills or pennies – on Westchester Bee-Line buses. If you use coins, the bus fare is $2.75 including one transfer. With MetroCard, the reduced fare is still $1.35 per ride, but further discounts are available by using multi-trip cards and you have the convenience of not carrying exact change.

For disabled riders who take the express bus to New York City, the fare is now just $3.75, coins or MetroCard. Refer to the full fare schedule.


OMNY fares cannot be recognized as valid transfers on the Bee-Line system. All Bee-Line passengers who regularly transfer to/from New York City Transit buses and subways should continue to use MetroCard until OMNY is officially introduced on the Bee-Line Bus System. Please visit our OMNY page for more information on this tap and go fare payment system.

MetroCard FAQs

Q: Do I need a MetroCard to ride the Bee-Line bus?
No.You can continue to use coins with your Half-Fare ID card but not dollar bills or pennies. The cost for a Reduced Fare trip is $1.35 for a ride and includes a free transfer.

Q: How do I get reduced fares?
When you get a Reduced-Fare MetroCard, you pay $1.35 a ride and get a free transfer to another Bee-Line local bus or to a NYC subway or bus. If you buy a multi-trip Metrocard, you get discounts.

Q: What is a Reduced-Fare MetroCard?
It is a photo ID card that is available to people with qualifying disabilities and can also be used to pay for rides at reduced rates.

Q: Why should I use MetroCard?
A: You won't need exact change. You'll get free transfers from Bee-Line buses to New York City subways or buses.  Plus, you can get more discounts.

Q: How do I get discounts?
The “Unlimited Rider" Reduced Fare MetroCard gives you any number of rides for a specific time period. You pay $16.50 for 7 days or $63.50 for 30 days.   This is available only to holders with a personalized Reduced-fare MetroCard.  For more information call (718) 330-1234 or visit the MTA.

Q: How do I get a Reduced-Fare MetroCard?
A: You need to get an application. You can call MetroCard at (800) METROCARD, the Bee-Line at (914) 813-7777 or visit MTA MetroCard online. If you apply by mail, the application must be notarized. 

Q: Can I apply for a Reduced-Fare MetroCard in person?
Yes -- with a special MetroCard van which makes scheduled visits to Westchester locations. You will need to bring with you a completed application which must be signed by a physician or other appropriate licensed health care professional.