ParaTransit fares must be paid in cash or by a ParaTransit ticket at the time of boarding vehicle. All riders must have the exact fare.
Coins are accepted (NO pennies).

Fare Cost:

• ParaTransit Rider $5.00 per trip

To purchase ParaTransit Ticket Books please call (914) 995-2959 for more information.

• Call (914) 995-2959 for all questions.
• Companion or Guest                                                       $5.00 per trip
• Personal Care Attendant (PCA)                                      No cost per trip
• Children under the age of five (5) years old                    No cost per trip

Transfers & Surcharges Fees: - needs to be addressed

The Americans with Disabilities Act permits ParaTransit fares to be double the amount of a regular Bee-Line bus fare, including transfers and surcharges.
On some trips you may use ParaTransit for part of the trip and a regular Bee-Line bus for the remainder of your trip.

• If you take ParaTransit to a regular Bee-Line bus, you pay the full ParaTransit fare of
  $5.00. You will then be given a transfer which will be accepted on the regular Bee-Line bus.

• When taking a regular Bee-Line bus for the first part of your trip and using a Westchester County Reduced Fare ID card,
   you pay reduced fare of the regular Bee-Line bus fare of $1.35 (includes transfer fee). Please provide the transfer ticket to the ParaTransit driver.
   There is no transfer/surcharge fee for the ParaTransit bus.

Companion or Guest Policy:

• Each eligible rider may travel with a companion/guest at the cost of $5.00.
• Any additional companion/guest is based upon space availability.

Personal Care Attendants (PCA):

If indicated on your ParaTransit application that you travel with a personal care attendant, it will be indicated on your ID card and the attendant will travel with you free of charge.