woman's hand holding digital pass

In May 2019, the MTA began the initial rollout of https://omny.info. This new fare payment system allows passengers to pay fares with a tap, using contactless debit, credit and reloadable prepaid cards; or smart devices equipped with a digital wallet app, such as smart phones, watches and other wearables. An OMNY card—a contactless transit card—will be introduced in later phases of the project: first at retail outlets and eventually at vending machines in subway and railroad stations.

MetroCard will continue to be accepted by New York City Transit subways and buses and Bee-Line service until OMNY is available everywhere for everyone, enabling Bee-Line passengers to have the option of using MetroCard or OMNY during the transition phase. The Reduced-Fare MetroCard Program will also be converted over to OMNY.

Westchester County is working diligently to get OMNY on the Bee-Line system and thanks passengers for their patience. Until Bee-Line accepts payments via the new system, OMNY fares cannot be recognized as valid transfers on Bee-Line. All Bee-Line passengers who regularly transfer to/from New York City Transit buses and subways should continue to use MetroCard until OMNY is officially introduced on the Bee-Line Bus System. Find out where to buy a MetroCard in Westchester here.

During this transition period, some MetroCard products like EasyPay Pay Per-Ride cards will be discontinued. If you have received a letter from MTA indicating that your MetroCard will no longer be accepted and have questions, call (914) 813-7777 or e-mail

Learn more about OMNY.