According to AAA, the national average per mile in 2019 was 0.6188 dollars (61.88 cents) based on driving 15,000 miles per year. To figure out how much it costs you to drive to work, follow the simple formulas below:

______ (round trip miles) x 0.6188 dollars per mile = _______ (round trip cost)

______ (round trip cost) x 21 (working days/month) = _______ (total monthly cost) 

Scenario 1: Driving Alone vs. Carpooling
and Vanpooling-- 55 miles round trip






·         Driving alone






·         Carpool (2 people)






Scenario 2: Driving vs. Riding the Train
-- 80 miles round trip






·         Driving alone






·         MTA Metro-North New Haven Line: 
New Haven to Stamford*






·         MTA Metro-North Harlem Line:  Brewster to White






*Monthly train tickets are cheaper than 42 one-way
tickets (21 days x 2 one-way trips per day). Train fares are subject to change.


Figures above are based on an average of 21 working days per month.

Cost per mile estimate based on AAA's "Your Driving Costs 2019". Please note, .6188 is a default composite average cost per mile for small, medium and large sedans that average 15,000 miles per year. To calculate your exact cost per mile, see the Your Driving Costs 2019.