ParaTransit: Rider Smart Phone App
Planning your trip with Westchester County ParaTransit is going to get much easier, with the transition to a Rider Smart phone application beginning Tuesday Aug. 16, 2022.
Read about Bee-Line ParaTransit Mobile App updates, from the Sept. 13, 2022 letter from the Office of Disabilities and the Department of Transportation.
Please email with any inquiries or requests for new self service accounts in order to use the Bee-Line System online reservation system and mobile app. Remember to include your full name, Client ID, and a valid email address.

Read the official department letter that outlines the new phone application that allows riders to quickly and easily book a trip and get real-time updates about their respective trips through their phone.

Download the Rider Smart phone application brochure for a quick overview on using the app. 

Read the in-depth guide with instructions about how to download and use the new Bee-line System Mobile App. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I sign up for a Self Service Account with Bee-Line ParaTransit?

    • Please contact the Westchester ParaTransit hotline at (914) 995-7272 or email requests to . Please include your Client ID, full name and a valid email address. Once the account is created, you will receive an email from to complete your registration.

    • Once your account is fully registered, you should be able to access the Westchester ParaTransit Bee-Line Online Reservation System at, or on the Bee-Line ParaTransit Mobile App. The Mobile App can be found in Apple and Google Play stores.

  2. What’s my User Name and Password for the Westchester ParaTransit Online Reservation System and Bee-Line Paratransit Mobile app?

    • Your username is the same as your Client ID. You will have an opportunity to set your password for the Self Service Account when you request a new account. If you forget or need to reset your password please click on the forgot password link on the online reservation system, login name, or password issues link. You will receive an email from with instructions to reset your password.

  3. I am able to log on to the Westchester ParaTransit Online Reservation System and see my trips, but I cannot see any trips or book new trips in the Bee-Line ParaTransit Mobile App.

    • If you have successfully registered your self-service account, but still can’t see your trips or are asked to call ParaTransit to book new trips, please send an email to . Please include your full name and Client ID along with a description of the issue you are experiencing. We will be sure to reset your account to resolve this issue.

  4. How do I cancel my reservation through the Westchester County ParaTransit Online Reservation System or the Bee-Line Mobile App?

    • If you are within two hours of scheduled trip pickup, you will need to reach a ParaTransit agent to cancel your trip. Please call (914) 995-7272 to cancel.

    • To Cancel a Trip via Westchester ParaTransit Online Reservation System at
      • You may see Today’s List of Trips on the menu page after successfully logging in. For future trips click on the Future Trips link to view all of your upcoming trips. Click on the Trip # of the trip you want to cancel.
      • On the Trips Detail page, scroll to the bottom of the page.
      • Click on the red Cancel This Trip button. You should receive a pop-up window with a message requesting you confirm the cancellation, and you will have message at the top of the Details Page indicating the trip was canceled.
      • Trip will be listed with Canceled status but is still available to view, copy and book return trip.

    • To Cancel a Trip via Bee-Line ParaTransit Mobile App:
      • Log into the Mobile App. Tap Trips icon at the bottom left of the app. Be sure to select Upcoming tab at the top left just under Trip Destinations.
      • Scroll to Day – Date of trip with trip details you want to cancel. Tap anywhere on Trip Information section of that trip. This should bring you to the Details page of the trip with a map at the top.
      • Scroll to the bottom of the Trip Details page and tap Cancel Trip button. The app should navigate you to the Canceling Screen with Confirm Cancel button at the bottom of the screen. Tap the Confirm Cancel button. You should receive a message indicating you have successfully canceled that trip.

  5. What happens if I need to be picked up from one appointment, and need to travel to another appointment?

    • If you are requesting a reservation with a ParaTransit agent, be sure to let the agent know you need to be picked up at a specified time. The same applies to making your reservation via the Online Reservation System and the Bee-Line Mobile App. An available pickup time within 30 minutes after the requested time will be provided to you, with a 15- minute window on either side of that pickup time. Since this is a shared ride service with various locations throughout Westchester County, there are no guarantees you will be dropped off at a specified time for your next appointment. Please be sure to leave enough time between appointments to reserve your rides through ParaTransit.