ParaTransit is a public transit service and riders are expected to act appropriately when using this service. Riders who display any of the following actions will be suspended from the ParaTransit service. These actions include, but are but not limited to: 

  • vandalism
  • physical or verbal abuse of a driver or another passenger
  • sexual behavior
  • refusal to wear a seatbelt
  • smoking
  • nonpayment of the fare

A suspension may result if a rider violates any safety policy or has a medical need that presents a clear and present danger to that individual, other passenger or ParaTransit employee. This may result in an immediate suspension. A rider who is subject to an immediate suspension will be notified by phone and U.S. mail and how to appeal the suspension.

Another violation of ParaTransit policies occurs when passengers fail to appear for their scheduled trip; this is considered a no-show. Cancellation of trips must be made no later than two hours prior to your scheduled trip. Failure to follow this policy will result in a Cancel at Door (CAD).

If a rider has three incidents within a 30-day period, the rider will be sent a letter indicating the dates of the three violations and the starting and ending date of the suspension. The rider will have ten business days from the date of the letter to appeal the decision.

Suspension terms

  • 1st violation will result in a one-week suspension from the service.
  • 2nd violation will result in a two-week suspension from the service.
  • 3rd violation will result in a three-week suspension from the service.

Appeal of suspension
Suspensions may be appealed in writing or in person by appointment only. Appeals shall be overturned only if the information that the suspension is based upon is incorrect. A suspension may not be overturned because it causes a hardship for the passenger. All decisions will be made in writing and a copy placed in the passenger’s file.