Be prepared for your ParaTransit ride by knowing what to expect on the day of your trip.

ParaTransit is an Origin-to-Destination service. Drivers will assist upon request only from van to first entrance door or from first entrance door to van.

ParaTransit is a curb-to-curb service.

Arrival time
Riders should be ready to travel ten minutes prior to their scheduled pick up time. Note that the ParaTransit vehicle will wait only five minutes after your scheduled pick up time.

Boarding and exiting the van
All riders must enter or leave the van at the curbside.

Driver assistance
ParaTransit drivers may assist passengers at the curbside and from the entrance doorway when they are boarding or exiting the van. On the vehicle they will assist by fastening seat belts or wheelchair securement devices.

Safety while riding
Riders using scooters will, if possible, transfer to a seat during the ride. Batteries on motorized wheelchairs must be safely secured and gel-type batteries are preferred. Passengers carrying oxygen containers must secure them. Passengers must be seated while the vehicle is in motion.

Seat belts
Seat belts must be worn by all riders at all times. Wheelchairs and scooters must be securely fastened with the tie-down devices. The driver will assist passengers with their seat belts and each wheelchair user who needs help with the securement devices.

Exact change
ParaTransit riders must have the exact change (no pennies), when boarding the vehicle or they can purchase a ten-trip-ticket book for $50 by sending a check and a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the Department of Public Works and Transportation.

Each rider may carry on a maximum of two packages. These packages must be of a size which can be securely stored under the seat or carried on the lap. The driver is not allowed to assist by carrying packages.

Companions, guests and friends
All riders may have one companion travel with them but they must include the companion on the reservation. Additional companions will be accommodated on a space-available basis. A companion must pay the full fare for traveling on ParaTransit, unless the companion is under five years of age. The companion must board and leave the vehicle at the same location as the rider.

Personal care attendants
A personal care attendant is a person whose assistance is essential to the rider. The personal care attendant must board and leave the vehicle at the same location as the rider. A personal care attendant traveling with a rider does not pay a fare. If an eligible ParaTransit rider should find he or she needs a personal care attendant after approval of the original application, the rider must notify the Office for People with Disabilities in writing. Unless the need for a personal care attendant is entered into the record, anyone accompanying the rider will be considered a companion and will have to pay full fare.

Children under age seven traveling on ParaTransit must ride in a car seat. Riders must provide their own car seats and take them when leaving the vehicle.

Inclement weather
In the event of bad weather conditions we recommend tuning into your local radio station for announcements on delays or suspension of service. If Bee-Line buses are operating during periods of snow or other adverse conditions, ParaTransit service will be provided. While ParaTransit may continue to operate, local or neighborhood road conditions may prevent a ParaTransit van from reaching a particular destination. If ParaTransit cannot provide safe transport, we will arrange to transport a passenger to some other safe destination such as a police station. When service is suspended, all transportation stops until the Department of Public Works and Transportation and the Office for People with Disabilities determine that road conditions are safe.

ParaTransit riders must fill out a recertification application every three years. These procedures are subject to change.

Complaints, compliments or suggestions
Customers should feel free to contact ParaTransit at (914) 995-7272 (press option 6) to register their suggestions, complaints, compliments, service problems or other incidents related to ParaTransit service. For all calls after 5 p.m. and on weekends, press option 2 to speak to a representative of ParaTransit.