Since ParaTransit is also public transit, you must pay a fare each time you ride. These fares are established by the Commissioner of Public Works and Transportation.

The ParaTransit fare is $5. All fares can be paid using exact cash or a ticket. The new tickets are blue. Yellow tickets are no longer accepted. For further information, call (914) 995-7272.

Payment of fares

  • The fare is $5 each way.
  • The fare must be paid with exact change each time you ride.
  • Ten-ride ticket books may be purchased in person for $50 a book with cash or credit card at the Westchester County Center box office located at 198 Central Park Ave, White Plains, NY.
  • The fare must be paid with the exact amount of cash or change (no pennies) or a blue ticket each time you ride.

Books may also be purchased from the Department of Public Works and Transportation. Send a check or money order, indicate the number of books you are ordering and include a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Allow ten days for processing.  Mail your request to:

Westchester County Department of Public Works and Transportation
Attention: ParaTransit Ticket Books
148 Martine Avenue, Room 500
White Plains, NY 10601

Transfers and surcharges
Americans with Disabilities Act regulations permit ParaTransit fares to be double the regular transit fares, including transfers and surcharges. It is also possible that on some trips you may be using ParaTransit for part of the trip and a Bee-Line bus for the remainder. For instance, if you take ParaTransit to a Bee-Line bus, you will pay full fare on ParaTransit ($5) and will be given a dated special transfer which will be honored on the Bee-Line bus as payment of the fare.

Guest policy

  • Companions: You may reserve a space and bring a companion with you on ParaTransit. An additional $5 fare will be charged for each companion on a space available basis.

  • Personal Care Attendants: If you indicated on your original ParaTransit application that you must have a personal care attendant travel with you, then that person may ride free of charge as long as they board and exit the van with you.

  • Children: Children under the age five who accompany a fare paying adult may also ride free. We must request that children under seven ride in a car seat provided by the passenger.