For many commuters, public transit can be the preferred choice.  Use of public transit helps employees to arrive relaxed and ready to work, free of traffic and driving-related stress.  For commuters to work locations in Westchester County, the many transit options listed below may provide a smarter way to get to work.

The Bee-Line System
The Bee-Line System is Westchester’s bus transit network with more than 60 routes. Major service hubs for the system include the White Plains TransCenter and the downtown areas of Yonkers, Mt. Vernon and New Rochelle. The Bee-Line System primarily serves Westchester County but also includes connecting services to Bronx subways, Metro-North trains, Transport of Rockland’s Tappan ZEExpress; Connecticut Transit’s I-Bus, and transit from Putnam, Dutchess, and Orange Counties. Among the Bee-Line’s routes are several “shuttle loops” - providing connections to major employment centers and train stations in the County. Bee-Line ParaTransit provides curb-to-curb service for people with disabilities. For more information, call (914) 813-7777.

MTA Metro-North Railroad
MTA Metro-North Railroad is the second largest commuter railroad in the country, with three lines serving Westchester County: the Hudson, Harlem and New Haven Lines.  Metro-North’s hub is Grand Central Terminal in Midtown Manhattan.  For schedule, fare or other information, call 1-800-METRO-INFO (638-7646) or visit Metro-North’s web site. 

The TAPPAN ZEExpress
The TAPPAN ZEExpress Operated by Transport of Rockland is a commuter bus service operating Monday through Friday from Rockland County to Tarrytown and White Plains.  Call Transport of Rockland at (845) 364-3333 for route, fare and schedule information and the location of Super Saver Ticket outlets.

The I-Bus Stamford-White Plains Express
The I-Bus Stamford-White Plains Express Operated by CTTransit provides service in both directions connecting Stamford and White Plains.  Travel time is approximately one half-hour in each direction.  Service is provided on weekdays throughout the day.  Call CTTransit at 1-888-BUS-RIDE (287-7433) toll-free from area codes 203 and 914 for schedule information, fare options and ticket sale locations.

Poughkeepsie-White Plains Express Bus
Poughkeepsie-White Plains Express Bus Operated by Leprechaun Lines from Dutchess and Putnam counties to the Westchester Medical Center and downtown White Plains.  There are frequent trips in both the morning and the afternoon.  For more information, call Leprechaun Lines at (845) 565-7900 or (800) 624-4217.

Orange-Westchester Link
The OWL Bus Operated by ShortLine offers daily express commuter bus service from Orange County to various locations in Tarrytown and White Plains.  There is also a stop at the Nanuet park-and-ride lot at Exit 14 of the New York State Thruway in Rockland County.  There are several trips in both the morning and the afternoon.  Call ShortLine at 1-800-499-3541 for route, fare and schedule information.

Putnam Area Rapid Transit
PART is Putnam County’s bus transit system, operating five transit routes and the county’s paratransit service for eligible disabled persons. Call PART at (845) 878-RIDE (7433) for route, fare and schedule information.

MTA New York City Transit Subways and Buses
Several MTA bus routes and subway lines make connections with Bee-Line System buses in the Bronx and with the Bee-Line System’s BxM4C in Manhattan.  Call MTA New York City Transit at (718) 330-1234 of visit the MTA web site for further information.  For information on MetroCard, call 1-800-METROCARD (638-7622).

This SMART COMMUTE choice reduces the number of cars on the road and in your company parking lot.  Sharing a ride can save an employee up to $1,500 a year by lowering gasoline bills, insurance costs and car maintenance.

Those who carpool can take advantage of special HOV lanes at the Tappan Zee Bridge toll plaza, for example, to reach their destinations faster and pay reduced tolls.  They can choose to read, sleep or chat when they are not behind the wheel.

Carpooling can be encouraged through computerized matching of riders with the same needs and through company involvement in ridesharing programs.

For more information and assistance about helping employees who may be interested in carpooling, call MetroPool Westchester Representative at (914) 993-0649 or 1-800-FIND-RIDE.

Full-size vans and minivans carrying 7–15 passengers are the next step up from carpools.  The vehicles may be company owned or leased from a private vanpool company.

MetroPool can provide full assistance to employees within a company who wish to form a vanpool by holding information and organizational meetings. At these meetings, potential vanpool groups are identified, routes are planned and the program and commitment are clearly explained.

To get information and assistance about assisting employees who may be interested in vanpooling, call MetroPool’s Westchester Representative at (914) 993-0649 or 1-800-FIND-RIDE.

With Telecommuting (also called Telework), employees work at home or at a satellite office or telework center near home one or more days a week, instead of commuting to the main office.  Telecommuting can eliminate the commute trip entirely if the employee is working from home.  If a nearby telecenter is being utilized, this can significantly reduce the employee’s commute time and distance.  Employees can be linked to the workplace by computer and modem or simply can do work that requires nothing more than a telephone.  Employees can telecommute full-time or just a few days a month.

For more information  about setting up a Telecommuting program at your work site, contact Westchester’s SMART COMMUTE Program at (914) 995-4444.

Alternative Work Schedules
An Alternative Work Schedule program (compressed work week, flextime, staggered hours) can be beneficial in a number of ways.  It can provide versatility. Enabling employees to more conveniently use transit and rideshare options, as well as avoid traffic congestion and transit crowding.  It can also be an attractive employee recruitment tool that allows employees to work around childcare or school schedules.  Employees tend to view Alternative Work Schedule programs as a highly desirable benefit.

For more information about setting up an Alternative Work Schedule program, contact Westchester’s SMART COMMUTE Program at (914) 995-4444.

Biking and Walking
Approximately five percent of the population live within walking distance of their work location and 20 percent live within biking distance. Walking or biking need not be done on a daily basis to be a valuable commute option; indeed, many employees walk or bike only a few days a week during the warmer months of the year.  Employers interested in promoting walking and biking can do so by providing bicycle storage, showers and locker rooms, and by allowing employees who walk or bike to dress casually on those days.

The Westchester County Department of Transportation can provide technical assistance to employers interested in improving pedestrian and bicycle access to their work sites.

For more information, contact Westchester’s SMART COMMUTE Program at (914) 995-4444.