The Bee-Line is Westchester County's bus system, serving over 27 million passengers annually with convenient service connecting residents to jobs, recreation, shopping and other regional transportation services. Many Westchester County residences and workplaces are within walking distance to a Bee-Line bus route, making the bus both close and convenient.

Over 65 percent of all Westchester County residents are within walking distance of a Bee-Line bus route, making the bus both close and convenient.

Riding public transit is a great travel choice.  It helps our environment by reducing air pollution and traffic congestion.  It's also a bargain. Transit fares are competitive with the out-of-pocket costs of driving, especially if you pay for parking.  We deal with the traffic hassles for you, and you get time to read, relax, socialize, plan your day or even your next vacation.

Bus Service and Bus Stop Guidelines
Guidelines have been prepared to serve as a basic planning tool for municipal staff, governmental agencies and consultants engaged in site design and review activities. The guidelines are intended to promote a better understanding of bus characteristics, operational needs and dimensional requirements so that public transit benefits are fully realized and integrated with local planning policies. More information is available on Bus Stop Planning and Design Guidelines in the Planning Division.