ParaTransit: Rider Smart Phone App
Planning your trip with Westchester County ParaTransit is going to get much easier, with the transition to a Rider Smart phone application beginning Tuesday Aug. 16, 2022.
Read about Bee-Line ParaTransit Mobile App updates, from the Sept. 13, 2022 letter from the Office of Disabilities and the Department of Transportation.
Please email with any inquiries or requests for new self service accounts in order to use the Bee-Line System online reservation system and mobile app. Remember to include your full name, Client ID, and a valid email address.

Read the official department letter that outlines the new phone application that allows riders to quickly and easily book a trip and get real-time updates about their respective trips through their phone.

Download the Rider Smart phone application brochure for a quick overview on using the app. 

Read the in-depth guide with instructions about how to download and use the new Bee-line System Mobile App. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I sign up for a Self Service Account with Bee-Line ParaTransit?

    • Please contact the Westchester ParaTransit hotline at (914) 995-7272 or email requests to . Please include your Client ID, full name and a valid email address. Once the account is created, you will receive an email from to complete your registration.

    • Once your account is fully registered, you should be able to access the Westchester ParaTransit Bee-Line Online Reservation System at, or on the Bee-Line ParaTransit Mobile App. The Mobile App can be found in Apple and Google Play stores.

  2. What’s my User Name and Password for the Westchester ParaTransit Online Reservation System and Bee-Line Paratransit Mobile app?

    • Your username is the same as your Client ID. You will have an opportunity to set your password for the Self Service Account when you request a new account. If you forget or need to reset your password please click on the forgot password link on the online reservation system, login name, or password issues link. You will receive an email from with instructions to reset your password.

  3. I am able to log on to the Westchester ParaTransit Online Reservation System and see my trips, but I cannot see any trips or book new trips in the Bee-Line ParaTransit Mobile App.

    • If you have successfully registered your self-service account, but still can’t see your trips or are asked to call ParaTransit to book new trips, please send an email to . Please include your full name and Client ID along with a description of the issue you are experiencing. We will be sure to reset your account to resolve this issue.

  4. How do I cancel my reservation through the Westchester County ParaTransit Online Reservation System or the Bee-Line Mobile App?

    • If you are within two hours of scheduled trip pickup, you will need to reach a ParaTransit agent to cancel your trip. Please call (914) 995-7272 to cancel.

    • To Cancel a Trip via Westchester ParaTransit Online Reservation System at
      • You may see Today’s List of Trips on the menu page after successfully logging in. For future trips click on the Future Trips link to view all of your upcoming trips. Click on the Trip # of the trip you want to cancel.
      • On the Trips Detail page, scroll to the bottom of the page.
      • Click on the red Cancel This Trip button. You should receive a pop-up window with a message requesting you confirm the cancellation, and you will have message at the top of the Details Page indicating the trip was canceled.
      • Trip will be listed with Canceled status but is still available to view, copy and book return trip.

    • To Cancel a Trip via Bee-Line ParaTransit Mobile App:
      • Log into the Mobile App. Tap Trips icon at the bottom left of the app. Be sure to select Upcoming tab at the top left just under Trip Destinations.
      • Scroll to Day – Date of trip with trip details you want to cancel. Tap anywhere on Trip Information section of that trip. This should bring you to the Details page of the trip with a map at the top.
      • Scroll to the bottom of the Trip Details page and tap Cancel Trip button. The app should navigate you to the Canceling Screen with Confirm Cancel button at the bottom of the screen. Tap the Confirm Cancel button. You should receive a message indicating you have successfully canceled that trip.

  5. What happens if I need to be picked up from one appointment, and need to travel to another appointment?

    • If you are requesting a reservation with a ParaTransit agent, be sure to let the agent know you need to be picked up at a specified time. The same applies to making your reservation via the Online Reservation System and the Bee-Line Mobile App. An available pickup time within 30 minutes after the requested time will be provided to you, with a 15- minute window on either side of that pickup time. Since this is a shared ride service with various locations throughout Westchester County, there are no guarantees you will be dropped off at a specified time for your next appointment. Please be sure to leave enough time between appointments to reserve your rides through ParaTransit.

The Westchester County Department of Public Works and Transportation (WCDPW&T) has always reviewed and made reasonable modifications when requested. This Reasonable Modifications Policy formalizes this practice.

WCDPW&T makes reasonable modifications to its policies, practices and procedures when such accommodations are necessary to avoid discrimination on the basis of disability. However, a request for an accommodation will not be granted if granting the request would: fundamentally alter the nature of the service, program or activity; create a direct threat to anyone; the individual(s) requesting the accommodation can fully use the service without the requested modification; or result in an undue financial or administrative burden.

The procedures described herein regarding reasonable modifications apply to all services operated by WCDPW&T including, but not limited to, fixed route services and ADA ParaTransit services. WCDPW&T recognizes that there may be requests for reasonable modifications related to other programs or activities offered by WCDPW&T.

Requests for reasonable modifications for these programs and activities will be handled in accordance with this policy.

The Director of the Westchester County Office for People with Disabilities is the designated position who coordinates WCDPW&T’s efforts in regards to reasonable modifications. Requests for reasonable modifications should generally be made in advance. However, when the request cannot be made in advance, the operating personnel who receive the request (call taker or dispatcher) shall contact the lead dispatcher or dispatch manager for a decision. The decision of that lead dispatcher or dispatch manager is final for the individual trip in question. However, the person making the request for a reasonable accommodation can refer the matter to the Director for review in regards to future trips where such a request is anticipated.

As stated, requests for reasonable modifications are made in advance of service as much as possible. Send requests for reasonable modifications in writing to:

Westchester County Office for People with Disabilities
Evan Latainer, Director
148 Martine Avenue, Room 102
White Plains, NY 10601

Requests of reasonable modifications may also be sent by e-mail to . For inquiries, questions or comments call (914) 995-2957.

The individual requesting a reasonable modification must give his/her name, address, and phone number. The request itself must clearly state the WCDPW&T policy, practice or procedure for which a reasonable modification is being requested. Further, it must clearly explain what modification is being requested and why. The request for reasonable modification does not have to use the specific words “reasonable modification”. However, it must be clear what is being requested. The request for the reasonable modifications is granted unless one of the following situations exists:

1. Granting the request fundamentally alters the nature of WCDPW&T service or services, programs or activities.
2. Granting the request creates a direct threat to the health or safety of the driver or anyone else.
3. The individual can fully use the service, program or activity as intended without the requested modification.
4. Granting the request results in an undue financial or administrative burden.

In the event that a request for a reasonable modification is denied, WCDPW&T will work with the individual or individuals making the request to identify and implement alternative actions, steps or modifications that can be taken to ensure that the individual receives the service or benefit sought.

WCDPW&T recognizes that requests for reasonable modifications may come through the WCDPW&T complaint process. WCDPW&T handles any complaint that is in fact a request for a reasonable accommodation in accordance with this policy.

All requests for reasonable modifications are logged and maintained. This policy is available on the WCDPW&T web site.

ParaTransit trip reservations can be made online or by phone. Next day reservations, either online or by phone, must be made before 5 p.m.

Access the ParaTransit Online Reservation System.

  • Enter your Client ID.
  • Please select “Forgot Password.” Then, insert your email and follow the instructions to create a new password.

If the system is unavailable, make your reservation by phone using the instructions below.

Please email with any inquiries or requests for new self service accounts in order to use the Bee-Line System online reservation system and mobile app. Remember to include your full name, Client ID, and a valid email address.

Phone Reservations
Call (914) 995-7272 (995-PARA). The ParaTransit staff will try to schedule every part of a request for an advance reservation while you are on the telephone. Due to a high call volume, passengers can only make two round trip reservations per call and unlimited next day reservations. The agent taking your call will confirm the scheduled pick-up and drop-off times.

If a trip reservation request cannot be accommodated at the exact time you wish to travel, you will be offered an alternative travel time. If the offered time is within one hour of the requested time, it is considered a match, within the regulations of the ADA.

If the reservationists are not able to schedule your trip at the time of the request, the passenger will be required to call (914) 995-7272 (and press option 2) after 6 p.m. the day before the trip to confirm the reservation.

The ParaTransit staff reserves the right to adjust your scheduled pick-up time to achieve the most efficient scheduling possible. Ride times can be adjusted up to 30 minutes on either side of the requested arrival time. When a pick-up time is adjusted more than 10 minutes, an effort is made to inform each person of the change on the day before. However, it may not be possible to reach the person if they don’t have a telephone answering machine in the event no one is at home.

Planning trips
When planning your trip, allow extra time for inclement weather, traffic and the picking up and dropping off of other passengers while you are on the ParaTransit vehicle.

You should be ready to travel at least ten minutes before the scheduled pick-up time. You may wait indoors or under shelter but you must be in a position to observe the arrival of the ParaTransit vehicle. Drivers will come to the first door when origin-to-destination is requested. Drivers will not beep the horn, knock or ring a doorbell. When you schedule your appointments, please try to be as flexible as possible. The high demand periods are between 7 - 10 a.m. and 2 - 4:30 p.m. By avoiding these peak hours, you will be more likely to get your requested reservation time.

Advance reservation trips
ParaTransit service is not an emergency service. Reservations can be made up to seven days in advance. Requests for all trips are currently accepted between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, except holidays. Suburban ParaTransit will take next day reservations on Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

When making a reservation, you, or someone on your behalf, must be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Your name and ParaTransit I.D. number
  • The date of the trip
  • The requested pick-up location
  • Your destination address and phone number
  • The time when you need to arrive at your destination
  • The time when you will be ready to return
  • Any special transportation needs, for example, use of wheelchair or need for a companion or aide

Same day trips
Requests for same-day trips are accepted on a space-available basis only during service hours, and must be made by calling the main number at (914) 995-7272 and press option # 2. It is recommended that you call at least two hours before the time you want to travel.

To make any changes on same-day trips, you must call (914) 995-7272 (press option #2). Trip changes cannot be made through requests to the driver.

Standing orders or subscription trips
A standing order or subscription trip is when the rider takes the same trip at least twice a week for an ongoing period of time. Requests for standing order trips will be accepted on a space-available basis by calling the ParaTransit reservation line only during its regular business hours. However, due to high demand, there is a waiting list so it may be several months before some requests are accommodated. If a rider needs to begin making this trip in the meantime, advance reservation trips should be booked.

When standing order trips are requested or renewed, the necessary information you will need to provide are the days of  the week you want the service, as well as all the information listed in “Advance reservation trips.” If you request a change in a standing order trip, whether in time, destination or additional trips, this will be treated as a new request and will be  honored on a space-available basis in the order that the requests are received.

If you receive a standing order trip, you must renew the reservation on a quarterly basis. Renewals are done by you, or a designee, by calling the the ParaTransit line at (914) 995-7272  (press option #1) between the 1st and 15th day of the beginning month of each quarter (March, June, September, December). Note that any suspension of ParaTransit service will result in the loss of a standing order.

Cancellation procedures
All cancellations must be made at least two hours prior to rider pickup time of their scheduled trip by calling (914) 995-7272 (press option #2). Failure to cancel a scheduled pick-up will be considered a Cancelled at Door (CAD) unless the riders did not cause the Cancelled at Door.

Be prepared for your ParaTransit ride by knowing what to expect on the day of your trip.

ParaTransit is an Origin-to-Destination service. Drivers will assist upon request only from van to first entrance door or from first entrance door to van.

ParaTransit is a curb-to-curb service.

Arrival time
Riders should be ready to travel ten minutes prior to their scheduled pick up time. Note that the ParaTransit vehicle will wait only five minutes after your scheduled pick up time.

Boarding and exiting the van
All riders must enter or leave the van at the curbside.

Driver assistance
ParaTransit drivers may assist passengers at the curbside and from the entrance doorway when they are boarding or exiting the van. On the vehicle they will assist by fastening seat belts or wheelchair securement devices.

Safety while riding
Riders using scooters will, if possible, transfer to a seat during the ride. Batteries on motorized wheelchairs must be safely secured and gel-type batteries are preferred. Passengers carrying oxygen containers must secure them. Passengers must be seated while the vehicle is in motion.

Seat belts
Seat belts must be worn by all riders at all times. Wheelchairs and scooters must be securely fastened with the tie-down devices. The driver will assist passengers with their seat belts and each wheelchair user who needs help with the securement devices.

Exact change
ParaTransit riders must have the exact change (no pennies), when boarding the vehicle or they can purchase a ten-trip-ticket book for $50 by sending a check and a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the Department of Public Works and Transportation.

Each rider may carry on a maximum of two packages. These packages must be of a size which can be securely stored under the seat or carried on the lap. The driver is not allowed to assist by carrying packages.

Companions, guests and friends
All riders may have one companion travel with them but they must include the companion on the reservation. Additional companions will be accommodated on a space-available basis. A companion must pay the full fare for traveling on ParaTransit, unless the companion is under five years of age. The companion must board and leave the vehicle at the same location as the rider.

Personal care attendants
A personal care attendant is a person whose assistance is essential to the rider. The personal care attendant must board and leave the vehicle at the same location as the rider. A personal care attendant traveling with a rider does not pay a fare. If an eligible ParaTransit rider should find he or she needs a personal care attendant after approval of the original application, the rider must notify the Office for People with Disabilities in writing. Unless the need for a personal care attendant is entered into the record, anyone accompanying the rider will be considered a companion and will have to pay full fare.

Children under age seven traveling on ParaTransit must ride in a car seat. Riders must provide their own car seats and take them when leaving the vehicle.

Inclement weather
In the event of bad weather conditions we recommend tuning into your local radio station for announcements on delays or suspension of service. If Bee-Line buses are operating during periods of snow or other adverse conditions, ParaTransit service will be provided. While ParaTransit may continue to operate, local or neighborhood road conditions may prevent a ParaTransit van from reaching a particular destination. If ParaTransit cannot provide safe transport, we will arrange to transport a passenger to some other safe destination such as a police station. When service is suspended, all transportation stops until the Department of Public Works and Transportation and the Office for People with Disabilities determine that road conditions are safe.

ParaTransit riders must fill out a recertification application every three years. These procedures are subject to change.

Complaints, compliments or suggestions
Customers should feel free to contact ParaTransit at (914) 995-7272 (press option 6) to register their suggestions, complaints, compliments, service problems or other incidents related to ParaTransit service. For all calls after 5 p.m. and on weekends, press option 2 to speak to a representative of ParaTransit.

ParaTransit is a public transit service and riders are expected to act appropriately when using this service. Riders who display any of the following actions will be suspended from the ParaTransit service. These actions include, but are but not limited to: 

  • vandalism
  • physical or verbal abuse of a driver or another passenger
  • sexual behavior
  • refusal to wear a seatbelt
  • smoking
  • nonpayment of the fare

A suspension may result if a rider violates any safety policy or has a medical need that presents a clear and present danger to that individual, other passenger or ParaTransit employee. This may result in an immediate suspension. A rider who is subject to an immediate suspension will be notified by phone and U.S. mail and how to appeal the suspension.

Another violation of ParaTransit policies occurs when passengers fail to appear for their scheduled trip; this is considered a no-show. Cancellation of trips must be made no later than two hours prior to your scheduled trip. Failure to follow this policy will result in a Cancel at Door (CAD).

If a rider has three incidents within a 30-day period, the rider will be sent a letter indicating the dates of the three violations and the starting and ending date of the suspension. The rider will have ten business days from the date of the letter to appeal the decision.

Suspension terms

  • 1st violation will result in a one-week suspension from the service.
  • 2nd violation will result in a two-week suspension from the service.
  • 3rd violation will result in a three-week suspension from the service.

Appeal of suspension
Suspensions may be appealed in writing or in person by appointment only. Appeals shall be overturned only if the information that the suspension is based upon is incorrect. A suspension may not be overturned because it causes a hardship for the passenger. All decisions will be made in writing and a copy placed in the passenger’s file.